Ministry Marketing- Why You Should Be Doing It

You want to reach the maximum number of people with your ministry, right? The best way to do this is with effective marketing. Many people find the topic of ministry marketing to be controversial. Some people believe that because it is a ministry, you will be sent the people you need to minister to and the people who will help fund your ministry. However, if people are unaware of your ministry, how are they ever supposed to find you?

Let’s take a look at Jesus’s life and his disciples and how they spread the news of the Messiah. First, Jesus chose his disciples from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some were fishermen, doctors, lawyers and tax collectors. Why did he choose the individuals? Because they traveled, they were bilingual, and they came in contact with a significant number of people.

The difference between Jesus and certain ministries is that he added value to individual’s lives by sharing God’s truth and God’s love. He was humble and wanted to serve others to bring them into the kingdom. Jesus and the disciples were able to spread the message of hope and salvation without watering down the Gospel by remaining authentic. Let’s check out some of the ways you can market your ministry without appearing spammy or insincere.

Before you ever begin marketing your ministry, you must determine why you are doing it. Are you doing it to reach more people with the message of truth? Or, are you doing it to increase donations? You will only be rewarded when are marketing for the right reasons. If you are marketing to increase your profits, people will see right through your attempts. You need to sell because you want to add value to someone’s life.


One of the best ways to market your ministry is to do something for your community. Whether it is to give a community award to a firefighter, EMS personnel or police officer that has gone beyond the call of duty or a teacher, volunteer or student who is making a difference in the lives of others. By honoring them, you will draw attention to your ministry.

Increase your exposure in your community by doing to others as you would have them do to you. This means remaining friendly and relevant. By offering a helping hand, you will increase awareness of your ministry in your community.

How To Do Marketing For Churches And Ministers

Why would you want to market your church and the ministers working there? You can attract a lot more traffic, and make the church more prosperous in general with more visitors. You’ll get some tips here on how this works if you want to work on this yourself.



A church cannot survive if it doesn’t have people visiting it. People that give to the church keep it running right and so do those that volunteer their time. You can use your marketing to show people that they are who make the difference when it comes to the success of the church. When you can convince the people that you’re showing your marketing to that they can be a part of something big, the it’s more likely to work out in their favor and can make your church one that’s more successful than ever.



Marketers tend to make it easy to like a business, and your church is one in a way. You need to treat it as such and make sure that you reach out to marketing experts that can make it look like a good idea to work with. If you use cheap materials or market in a way that reflects poorly on your church, people are not going to come. Even if your ministers want to try doing their marketing, make sure you look it over because if it’s too cheap, it’s going to be ineffective usually.

Sometimes a church should be marketed by someone going door to door. Then, people have to say to the face of someone that they are not willing to go which can be difficult for some. It’s not like it’s forcing people to go, it is just about connecting with those that have the ability to believe in them. While you may strike out with most people because they already have a church or don’t have an interest in yours for other reasons, the one or two people you can convince to come every once in a while will make your church prosperous eventually.

The marketing tips for churches and ministers that you’ve gotten information on here will make it easier to get more people into your church. People want to hear what you have to offer and if it sounds good enough you’ll always be able to enjoy the boost in visitors.